Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever

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All package codes

Here are ALL of the codes for Postman Patch:

arc_pen : d9b7b874337028f174fba46a684bc2a8
ass_blade : 100edc85c40ec88325b0e70ab6372790
dth_slay : f959158a1d244b2246d99ee0efb61fe2
drg_helm : 2b8bcc52ba3cf957c770f30bd1c7c026
et_band : af3ef336d881a4a42f8b72899bb472dc
hl_choke : d44f5a21ff1675747299cacc47583ab1
lf_belt : 98a42f74f5086f5e1245b898db74d406
lf_boots : 49c391b8aa9bceff8ac504b03cd6c0d1
lf_bracers : 150f30b19741dd3049b7c4092cda920e
lf_bplate : b1636af907a4d6dba8e97389bb50940c
lf_gloves : 32a940f24008ad90776471d6469f36d1
lf_helm : c85e0a5205341bf578262584ce373ddc
lf_legs : 8ecf982d404340d9ba93d62c118c114f
lf_should : 07b90f1244eaa25bda7bf81b13cf2405
mag_belt : 82ee9363b7335481ea53ffc46b1cbf90
mag_bind : a634b4b0d8872c5c0eeaad3b8d86eca1
mag_boots : dd26ea0d77f320b38a4ef135cbd5c461
mag_crown : 1104aa617719e9a30882c1f7ca75887a
mag_legs : d4587fcbfc09014a5660c7087124e29e
mag_mantle : bbfd81ebb37096d98d55311e87fe55e8
mag_robe : a42fa403a5c6186b0752c7b9975fb1d4
rune_duty : 5f58488b9468abfbb3b8896d0f4add3f
sc_belt : 2e146d97867c556086ebb37249fc2b82
sc_boots : 35022034b7eac2f8566263f6c7abcbaa
sc_bracers : 22e7459f5ab9060c77168f23598bfbc6
sc_cap : ec57f2fffc8cf43f3bea8dfcca069f6e
sc_gloves : 99761a51f4cdc1163be9255dcc8ed0fc
sc_pants : 97994c5eb8c866ead0cee2ed4ea069c0
sc_tunic : 6b22e2c658152309919ea631faf7a185
sh_brch : 6505b333204197f69906bcbede958bdc
worn_dagger : 42ab148c9b8c9ed50f7f154f29942813
emp_shield : 7ffc8da84bf8f83a862015528b6e6f94
geish_kim : 352da421a5cc6f27c6e203dea284c162
seal_ass : 6968473efb86cca2d843443249ca75ff
sam_plate : ecb28081dfc77d8343adbeb8d874d2e9
ref_kat : ae21ff9704d93a1ec9b57ddb6683a68c
zg_mango : ea1ccfa314276917becdc468e51eacb2


how do i get the postman codes this is bullshit


RAWR each time I get to super high level like 30 my game resest and I have to creat a new acount


each time I get my murloc to a high level it dissapers!?!?!?!?!?!

hacked game

if u go to you can get lvl 100 when u start and u can get unlimeded money


if you go into the seceret area you can not get back


if you go into the seceret area you can not get back


if you go into the seceret area you can not get back


if you go into the seceret area you can not get back


hi did you know that if you save the game after you go throu the portal than wait for all the credits to go the load the game and you go to a secert land

what level are you

what level are you

Oh Come On!!!

Man on my cp this game's screen is all black!
i hate it when that happens. Can you guys fix that?
i'm really getting tired!


Nickname: Vlarpin52

Fixed, sorry for the delay.

Fixed, sorry for the delay.


does anyone know postman codes

this suck the screen is

this suck the screen is black i cant play anymore


Cum l lipesc un nume? plzzz spune-mi

its a little hard

its a little hard but easy when u hack in

Its too easy

The game is too easy. I was only lvl 15 when i killed the ddragon. After than i learned the ambush from felva when i mer her in the forest then took her dagger when beaten her up in the arena. Now all I do is activate cold blood at the beggining of every fight and give an ambush. It finishes every one on lvl 18 exept Helm. when againtst him, i give the ciritcal ambush and after that an execute with 60 energy and finish him.

high agility

when u do the thing for the rogue put the necklase on. it let me keep the buff from it after she took it even when i put on my other neck.
Also if u kill the big fish thing u get a +30 helm and talk to the little guy next to the guy u freed from the cage.

Ok i guess

its ok but im still unable to beat all the arena bosses and whats the caveman ive never seen him?

Good game

It's a good game, but once you beat Onyxia it's kinda like you've done everything. Oh, and I just used forst nova, attack, frost nova, attack, etc. Using magic dusts when needed. Took her down fairly quickly. She drops a +300 int offhand book.


Get to lv TWENTY and get blood talisman from the guy u saved from the cage. Then go into kobold mine at the end theres a portal to onyxia gl in killing it

do u know

do u know how to get caveman out of cage in zul garbh or wat ever its called

use dynamite (:

buy the tnt from the rat guy who you save from ferocious the wolf near the portal to stranglethorn vale. then stand in front of the cage and press the spacebar,

This is good site to

This is good site to watch.After you beat all the missions, Dont go in the portal. It's so boring in there.
Azeroth: The chaos never end. Do what you want, Get the Nan gold, Beat the arena, Get the claymore, And free that caveman guy' Um... Furthy?
Disneyworld happy place.Thanks for shareing the posts.

what should i use

the 45 stam or the 136str weo from arena

gay crap

i got to lvl 30 and hd godly armor and i saved and the next day we was gone

The game is back, sorry for

The game is back, sorry for wating.

Saving your game?

I saved my game numerous times to ensure the saved product was as up-to-date and I tried to load it and it indicates there is no saved game...I'm confused, I've been on the same computer same login and everything.

Have you deleted your

Have you deleted your cookies or used different browser?

100 TH comment!




Hey guys. Here's the secret

Hey guys. Here's the secret to all of azeroth, That happy Disneyworld place, And murks camp,
Murk: After you beat all the missions, Dont go in the portal. It's so boring in there.
Azeroth: The chaos never end. Do what you want, Get the Nan gold, Beat the arena, Get the claymore, And free that caveman guy' Um... Furthy?
Disneyworld happy place: It's so boring.

Thats your news now. See ya!


why the game dont work

bad flash

possibly a broken flash?

can't play

i can't seem to be able to play this game at all.
every time i load this page, the flash is black and when i right click it, it says "movie not loaded"
any ideas?


how you can win the soulflayer?

WOW lvl 20... im lvl 17 i did it killing Soulflayer

really dude...

Hey guys

Dude when your a level 20 you can beat everything. Sortalike i did.


you are right, that helped me kill all of them.
thats an awsome stratergy


dude, get about 9 magic dust, and keep using frost nova then attack when you have just enough mana to do one more frost nova, use it. but don't attack and use the magic dust and keep doing that and you should beat Hakkar. Tell me if it works, KK?


You can use the dynamite to open the locks.


How i log here? -,- I need pls


how do you kill

how do you kill that flying white harrpy avery time i hit it it runs away


ok, get 1 magic dust. Polymorph it, use magic dust, and then cold blood,pyroblast. works every time ;D

The level 20 secret.

All level 20 or higher. After passing the gurubashi arena, If you beat undefined there is a grand marshals claymore. It can hit 10-15 damage. If you use execute with it + cold blood it hits 10750 or more! So stop laying down and get a grand claymore! bye (:


.all in ok!

Hey you guys. You remember that undead rouge

Hey remember the undead rouge? Well... If you Want her Name, Her name is Felva the Rouge.She Has deadly stuff. Don't Wear her ring or necklace. They both are deadly. Peace Out! (:

Felva's items

DUDE just wear them they give you mana!